24 Pieces, a lamp, infinite possibilities



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IVY[p] is the first object presented as part of the trezero.it project:

Essential design, iconic shapes, a lamp that has already entered the Olympus of the " timeless classics" of Italian design .

The exclusive double bayonet mounting system allows a quick and safe assembly, without the need for glue, screws or other material. Mount, dismantle, create your light sculptures, today table lamp, tomorrow reading lamp, discover the and infinite possibilities and combinations .

You decide the colors, they are, pop, monochromatic, iridescent, spichedelic.
Each IVY[p] is and will always be unique, unrepeatable.
Like a flower , like a plant, like a sinuous branch of a rare species.

The thirty license package allows you to produce and sell thirty objects*, each of which accompanied by an unique serial number** .
The objects can be produced on-demand, produced and sold directly to the private individual or produced and sold to shops, chains, professionals such as interior designers, bars or other public spaces.

Each license includes

all 3D pieces ready for printing
inclusion in the list of official distributors (https://trezero.it/en/trova-un-produttore/)
assembly manuals
pdf certificate bearing the serial number
a unique special piece with the serial number printed on it

more info on http://www.trezero.it

*each lamp produced has a market value between $ 200 and $ 500

**serial number can be activated on the official website to uniquely associate the lamp to the buyer. The purchaser of an original IVY [p] can then resell the object with the relative license which can be linked to the new owner


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