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Inkynato is the new modular system for your paints and modeling tools.

The system consists of

 module for 18ml modeling colors (vallejo, army painter, mig, etc)

18 colors can be stored upright or upside down.

module for model colors 60ml (vallejo primer, etc etc)

8 colors can be stored in an upright or inverted position

form for tools or parts

it can be made up of one or two stackable containers that can be mounted side by side. The containers are available with different types of internal dividers and can be closed by a cap that preserves the contents

All modules are stackable, can be horizontally interlocked one into the other and can be tilted by 45 ° to manage the use of colors and objects in a quick and optimized way

On the front of each module you can insert a piece of paper where you can write the content of the module or a note (for example a module could contain the colors selected for a particular project)

The whole system mounts easily and sturdy via an exclusive 3d printed screw system (included in the download)

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