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bowl for cats



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PappaTime is an inexpensive and easy-to-create cat food bowl.

Its particular design, inspired by the face of a clock, allows it to be produced in vase mode in less than two hours of printing (using a 0.8mm nozzle)

The side openings allow the bowl to stay stable even if subjected to strong wind, as well as being able to allow the interlocking of multiple bowls so as to be able to give food to multiple cats at the same time.

PappaTime was conceived as a low-cost bowl for stray cats and feline colonies but thanks to its cute iconic shape it is also perfect for a young and informal home environment.

Update of October 6, 2022:Added a version with closed side parts

For each purchase, $ 3.00 will be donated to purchase a wooden house for a stray cat called "Hairy Cat" so that he can have a peaceful winter. Without his arrival in the garden of my in-laws, I would never have thought of making such a bowl.

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17x6x19 cm
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vase mode , better 0.8mm nozzle