scoop for cat litter



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There is no more beautiful joy in the world than having an animal ... but what a stress it is to clean the cat litter box every day!

Among escaping pebbles, smells, poorly designed shovels and bags dangling in your hands, ready to break without warning, every day you have to hold your nose and hope that there will be no problems.

Turn the cleaning of the litter into a happy moment, with CaccOvidio taking care of your puppy will be fast, hygienic, convenient and without surprises!

Our all-in-one "magic shovel" has a lower compartment to insert the roll of bags and a second spare roll.

Once a bag has been torn, it is inserted into the container body, the shovel is mounted and the cleaning is carried out without having to have any contact with the excrement of our beloved cats.

Once you have finished cleaning, you tie the bag, place the appropriate garbage container on it and open the main body: the bag will come out from the bottom without getting dirty, without emitting bad smells, without making you fear that it could break, spreading all the contained on the hall carpet.

CaccOvidio is a product designed exclusively for CKLab and distributed only in digital form for 3D printing.

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